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What is Solar Energy?

The most abundant source of heat and light is Sun, so for clean fuel, it can be converted into an inexhaustible source of energy. The heat, light and other radiation emitted by the sun contains the huge amount of energy and it initiates all the natural process on the planet earth. In the recent times, only humans have been able to develop the systems for the harness of the plentiful resource. The light energy emitted by the sun is converted into electricity with the help of converters, which can be stored or used immediately. The thermal energy or the heat energy received by earth can be used for heating up of water up to 85 degree Celsius. With the use of thermal energy, the building can be passively heated through the use of materials and architectural designs.

Solar Energy

It is widely used for heating up of the water for households and some industries in many regions as solar water heaters are available as viable supplement or alternative to electric or gas hot water production. The thermal energy can also be used for cooling via the use of absorption chilling technology.With the installation of the Solar and other forms of renewable energy converters, the carbon emission and the footprint can be reduced. Even dependence on the fossil fuel also can be reduced which has now become an environmental issue. By installing an Inter solar collector an average household can reduce CO 2 emissions by as much as 20%.In several western countries and even in India, flat plate convertors are used for for electricity conversion bu at a much smaller scale. A more expensive version for conversion i.e. evacuated tubes is in use since 20 years which is used for high temperature applications or by those with money.

Popular energy efficient and cost saving applications of Solar:

  • Solar for Schools & Colleges: Solar Power Solutions for Schools & Colleges will enable educational institutions to run appliances used in day to day operation of schools & colleges like Computers, Printers, Lights, Fans and other electrical load on Clean and Free Solar Energy, The modules are divided and crafted as per customer needs.
  • Solar for Telecommunication Towers: The increasing energy cost and expanding telecommunication networks across India had given rise to the needs to shift emphasis from high costing conventional fossil fuel, coal and petroleum energy sources towards other non-conventional energy sources like Solar and Wind Energy. We have recognized this problem and have developed a new range of Solar-DG-Grid hybrid power solution for telecom sector, reducing their operational costs and increase profits.
  • Solar for Banks & ATM's: With our constant efforts towards the growth of Solar Power Solutions, we have succeeded in implementing Energy Efficient and Cheaper Solar Power Solutions in banks and ATM. The model is gaining popularity amongst Urban and Rural Bank Branches & ATM today. Which in turn is bringing cost savings and operational advantages to banks by reducing their energy costs and driving them to a self sustaining energy source.
  • Solar for Petrol Pumps: With rapid technological advancements and our with latest innovation we have put towards the developed of Self Sustaining Solar Power Solutions. We now bring affordable Solar Energy Solutions for Rural Warehouses and Petrol Pumps to provide continuous supply of power for smooth operations in a very cost effective manner. We have also provided hybrid Solar-DG-Grid systems, where Solar Power Solution will be used as primary source of power and D.G./Grid would be used as back-up to the Solar Power Solution.
  • Solar for Railways: We have been constantly working in developing partnerships with leading consultants and experts in the railway sector to offer a host of power systems for its needs like provisioning of solar power for Railway Stations, Solar Powered Railway Platform lights, Solar Powered Railway Unmanned L/C gates, Powering Communications Centers and Towers with Solar power and all Electrical Equipments running on clean Solar Power Modules.

With a vision to transform Solar Power Harnessed from the Sun into a reliable, affordable and consistent source of clean energy, we dream to bring affordable and cheap solar power solutions for various sections of the society, solar power packs for businesses, cheap solar power plants for industries, rooftop solar power plants for commercial establishments, solar power for banks, solar powered ATM and economical solar power for educational institutions.

With a robust and a technically strong team for design, installation and maintenance for any place across the country, we offer the best solar products with the most affordable and cheap solar power solutions with an offer for a unique experience to our client with enhanced cost saving.

We envision our role as the most reliable and affordable solar power system integrators and providers to design, installation and finance companies and individuals for solar power systems, including off-grid and on grid-connected solar power plants.

We believe that the three elements to winning in solar power solutions provider requires efficient execution, financing and localization.

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